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Past Projects

The Influencer's Valentine's Day Gift

Sintong & Isaac

Recording coupel wedding song
Music teachers requested for an original duet song that tells about their love story

Jia Yang & Ming Le

Music Instructors

A surprise for her fiancé on their wedding

Tan Po Ching 


lady recording surprised wedding gift song
photo_2023-03-12 14.18.30.jpeg
The most touching Valentine's Day gift



Kerlyn's Secret Song: A Heartfelt Surprise for her Fiancé on their Wedding Day


Corporate Staff

photo_2023-01-17 21.14.00.jpeg
proposal gift, song for proposal, proposal surprises
Mr Hau proposed to his girlfriend with a delegated song that exclusively tells their love story

Jason Hau

Sales Lead

After 11 years of relationship, Mr Goh decided to surprise her wife with a song on their wedding 

Goh Wah Huang

Corporate Employee

wedding gift, wedding surprises, wedding song
recording surprise birthday gift song
​A team of bonded staff planned the most unique birthday surprise for their employer

Caren and colleagues

Funeral service team

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