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Our staff will have a chat with you to understand your needs and requirements for the song. We will thus create the most memorable gift for you to give it to your loved ones. 


Upon receiving the payment, we will proceed to execute the following in order 

  1. 1-hour online interview 
  2. 2 hours 1-on-1 composition discussion
  3. Melody composition
  4. Lyric composition
  5. Full MIDI arrangement (background track)
  6. Vocal demo
  7. Mixing & mastering
  8. Music video (photos + behind-the-scene) 


*while stocks last


Original Song Gift Package

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Share with us your answers for the following questions:

    • Who is this song for? 
    • What's the occation?

      Should the occation be mentioend in the song

    • What should the song make them feel?
    • What genre are you imagining the song to be?
    • Will you be singing the song yourself?
    • What tempo are you imagining the song to be?


    • What's your story with this person?

    Share more details for any of the following

    • Favorite memories together
    • Favorite things about them
    • How they've shaped you
    • Inside jokes and funny stories
    • Advice you have for them
    • others

    Other Must-have details

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