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Original Song Gift with Recording

The package offers a new level of personalisation for your musical experience. With personalized lyrics and melody created by our skilled songwriters after an online interview on Zoom, clients can also record themselves singing and have their vocals professionally processed by our team. This ensures a high-quality sound that complements the personalized song. Clients can also include behind-the-scenes footage in their music video for a unique and intimate final product.

Package Includes:

- Original lyric

- Original melody

- Full MIDI arrangement

- 3 hours studio recording*

- Vocal editing

- Mixing and mastering

- Song demo (sung by our professional singer)

- Lyric video (with interview and photo/video montages)

- Customised CD

- 1 hour Interview

Top up your own music video to include the recording

behind-the-scene with only

Past Sample

IMAGE 2022-10-09 15_22_58.jpg

What Our Clients Say

photo_2022-10-09 15.16.59.jpeg

Jia Yang & Ming Le

"The song really tells our story very well. Can't wait to perform on the stage together on our wedding."
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