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A Secret Mission For Her Fiance

A Secret Mission For Her Fiance

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You Are My Destiny

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Kerlyn一直梦想着在婚礼上为未婚夫带来一个意想不到的惊喜。一想到要创作一首定制歌曲作为惊喜,她兴奋不已,并偷偷地向Lyrica song Gift求助。她在这首歌中投入了大量的精力和思想,仔细地选择了歌词和旋律来表达她的爱和情感。随着婚礼的临近,Kerlyn迫不及待地想看到她未婚夫唱这首歌时脸上的表情。没想到在录音当天,Kerlyn虽然以与中学同学见面为借口,想要摆脱贴心的未婚夫,他却坚持要送Kerlyn来录音棚... ... Kerlyn had always dreamed of making her wedding day extra special for her fiancé. Excited by the idea of creating a customised song as a surprise, she secretly reached out to Lyrica Song Gift. She put a lot of effort and thought into the song, carefully choosing the lyrics and melody to express her love and affection. As the day of the wedding approached, Kerlyn couldn't wait to see the look on her fiancé's face when she sang the song to him. Unexpectedly, on the recording day, her fiancé insisted on sending Kerlyn to the recording studio, although she wanted to get away by pretending to meet her high school classmates...

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