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How We Can Help You


Unique Gift

Surprise your loved ones with a memorable gift



Level up your proposal plan by making a song based on your love journey



Express your love with a song for her/him


Business Jingle

Create a catchy jingle that resonate your audiences and improve your branding



Walk down the aisle with you and your partner original song

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2 hours on-site workshop and make your own song with our producer


Our Services

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Song Making Workshop

Learn how to create your original song with our producer

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Create a Song

Create an original song based on your personal story


Company Jingle

Create a catchy & memorable jingle to improve your branding

Past Work


The Influencer's Valentine's Day Gift

SinTong & Isaac

Social Media Influencer

photo_2023-01-17 20.03.59.jpeg

An original duet song that tells about 2 music teachers love story

Jia Yang & Ming Le

Music Instructors

photo_2022-11-07 10.23.59.jpeg

A surprise for her fiancé on their wedding

Tan Po Ching


photo_2022-11-07 12.01.56.jpeg

A team of bonded staff planned most unique birthday surprise for their boss

Caren and colleagues

Funeral Service Team

Song Creation Process with Us

Free phone consultation

to understand your requirements

Compose arrangement

to create the background track of the song that compliment the melody and lyric created

Lyric creation/training

Melody composition/training

to deliver the key message of the song

to deliver the song musical elements

Record the vocal

to complete the music work or as a demo for the intended singer to learn from

Mixing & Mastering

to gel every musical elements in the song nicely to achieve the favourable listening level

You are not simply buying a present for the gift-ee, but also involved in the process of the song creation, therefore enjoy the unique experience as a gift-er. 

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