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Our Story

Nothing beats the joy of receiving a gift that is the only one in the world. More so if it is a song that you can listen to on a daily basis! 

However, music production is a  tedious process that involves lyric drafting, melody composition, track arrangement, vocal recording, track mixing and mastering. Without proper training and experience, most people are not able to compose a song by themselves.

That is why Lyrica Song Gift was formed!  We provide training and enable our customers are not simply buying a present for the gift-ee, but also be involved in the process of the song creation, therefore enjoying the unique experience as a gift-er. 

Meet the Team

As a team, we promise to deliver the most unique gifting experience by offering the most care and support from every team member

photo_2022-11-08 17.29.31.jpeg


Ray Zhang

With his experience in both commercial pop and musical theatre production,  Ray focuses on producing catchy and emotional tracks that best capture the heart of the listeners.


Songwriter & Arranger 

Jinky Lim

Specialised in Mando pop music, Jinky has has composed more than hundreds of songs for his clients across his years in the industry.  He has always been a believer of  client-centric production.


Associate Producer & Vocalist

Angie Lin

As an aspiring songwriter, Angie produces and facilitates the entire production cycle for every client. In all recording sessions, Angie guides all our clients with her best care and utmost professionalism!


Songwriting & Lyricist

Charis Joshua

Introducing Charis, a distinguished graduate of Raffles Music College. His undeniable talent for crafting musical narratives radiates in every composition. Charis translates the beauty of personal stories into compelling, heartfelt songs, making memories resonate through melody


Lyricist & Vocalist

Yvonne Yeo

Music and literature have always been Yvvone's greatest passion in life. She is always obsessed over the joy of turning client's stories into poetic lyric form. 


Marketing Executive & Lyricist

Eric Ai

Growing up, Larry has never stopped loving music. By combining his knowledge of marketing and passion for music, he finally found his position in the industry!

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